Listing Tickets General Information GO TO UP

YourTicketExchange has an easy to use interface with step by step wizard to list your tickets. It is FREE to list tickets.

You need to find the event you would like to sell tickets for and click on the Sell button next to the schedule of your ticket. All users must register with their details to use this service.

You are required to enter your credit card information along with your billing address to verify your identity to protect our buyers against fraud. If you don't provide the tickets you sold in our website we will use this card to purchase alternative tickets for the buyer. We don't believe this will happen but just in case we keep the details to ensure the rules are met. We also protect our sellers by securing the funds. You will be charged a random amount up to 20 pence which will be printed in your statement as "Your Ticket Market". You will need to provide this using your control panel. There will be a notification in your control panel home page when required.

If you do not have the actual tickets on hand, you can enter expected date during ticket details entry. If you don't know the expected date then please enter 1 to 2 weeks before the event date. Usually tickets are printed 1 to 2 weeks before the event.

Buy using our website you agree to our Terms and Conditions. This is provided at the bottom of the page as "Terms & Conditions".

You are required to make any additional information to available to the buyer. Please enter any information in the field provided.

You can call our team for help in listing tickets.

Commission & Charges GO TO UP

Listing tickets is FREE.

YourTicketExchange will not charge you, even if your tickets are sold.

You as the seller are responsible for determining whether you are required to pay VAT on your sale of your ticket. You will need to include the VAT when listing your tickets on YourTicketMarket.

Can I remove or amend my listing? GO TO UP

YourTicketExchange provides an easy to use control panel to edit your tickets.

You can edit your tickets by loging in to your control panel. Your Listing will be under "My Listing" in your control panel home page.

You cannot delete your listing, but only deactivate.


Listing tickets on other websites GO TO UP

If you choose to list your tickets for sale on other websites, you must make sure you immediately deactivate your ticket from

As per our terms & conditions if you fail to provide the tickets you sold, you card will be charged the difference in finding alternative tickets for the buyer.

How much to charge for your tickets? GO TO UP

You can check the following before deciding on a price for your ticket;

- Check if there are any comparable tickets available for sale and see how those are priced. This way you can be competitive
- If you price your tickets with high expectations with a far higher price than the market value it will probably not sell.
- Listing your tickets fairly and below market value will sell quickly.
- Keep any fee and your tax in mind when setting your price

Make sure that you find out any regulations from the organizer that might limit the selling price of the tickets.

VAT on your ticket sales GO TO UP

You as the seller are responsible for determining whether you are required to pay VAT on your sale of your ticket. You will need to include the VAT when listing your tickets on YourTicketMarket.

YourTicketExchange will add VAT on top of the service fee when purchasing tickets.

If you don't physically have the tickets GO TO UP

If you haven't received your tickets yet, then please fill in the expected date field when you are listing your tickets. This is important as failure to deliver the ticket on this date will be treated as failed delivery. Please keep us informed if this date changes.

See our Terms & Conditions for details.

When will I get paid? GO TO UP

YourTicketExchange is committed to providing secure exchange between buyers and sellers. We will send payments provided that you have sent the right tickets to the buyer. We will also wait 7 days to allow the buyer to check the tickets if they are the tickets they ordered. All payments are sent out after the event date.